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Terre degli Uffizi

Terre degli Uffizi

The Fondazione CR Firenze and the Gallerie degli Uffizi sign a five-year agreement (2021–2026) to launch "Terre degli Uffizi", a major project for optimising Tuscany's art heritage.

With "Terre degli Uffizi" the Gallerie degli Uffizi has decided, as part of the work it does to promote and to familiarise people with our art heritage, to produce events capable of bringing new life to the region's lesser-known areas, focusing on local history and art in order to attract a broad and varied audience with diversified projects.

The Fondazione CR Firenze, in its turn, plans to pursue the programme for the enhancement of small local museums known as "Piccoli Grandi Musei" which it first promoted from 2005 to 2014 and which has helped over 100 small museums with restorations and new layouts.

The project is part of a broader plan for disseminating knowledge of the region's art treasures promoted by the Gallerie degli Uffizi under the name "Uffizi Diffusi", and at the same time it is an eminently practical tool for fostering new kinds of decentralised, sustainable and territorial tourism while simultaneously shining the spotlight on the superb art heritage housed in our lesser-known museums.