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The museums of the Uffizi Galleries



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Visit to the Contini Bonacossi Collection

St. Pier Scheraggio

Special tours for blind visitors



2017-03-24 Inauguration of the "Woman Power" exhibition by Maria Lassnig

March 24, 2017 at 01:00pm, Andito degli Angiolini, Pitti Palace

2017-02-08 #UffiziLive2017: Call for proposals of live shows at the Uffizi!

Summer festival of live perfomances in different art fields: theatre, music, dance, mime, happening and more...

2016-01-01 Temporary website of the Uffizi Galleries

The website of the Uffizi Galleries is on line.


Bill Viola - Submerged

10 March - 23 July 2017

Plautilla Nelli. Convent Art and Devotion in the Footsteps of Savonarola

9 March - 4 June 2017

Nicolas Froment - The Restoration of "The Raising of Lazarus"

7 March - 30 April 2017