Uffizi_live Festival of performing arts 2016

Every Tuesday night from 31 May until 27 September 2016, the Direction of the Uffizi Galleries, in collaboration with Firenze Musei, will organize a summer festival of performing arts: Uffizi live, a miscellaneous selection of art events curated by the Department of Digital Communication.

Theatre, dance and music shows will take place inside the Gallery every Tuesday between 7pm and 10pm. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the artworks of the collection together with other forms of art, from the most traditional performances to the most contemporary and experimental ones.

“Each Tuesday night, with the normal entry ticket of the museum, it will be possible to enjoy live shows connected in various ways to the Gallery’s artworks – says Eike Schmidt, the Director of the Uffizi Galleries – We will give voice to small performance ensembles and initiatives which enhance the artistic heritage in an original manner”.

The closing operation of the Gallery will start at 09:35pm.


May-June 2016

Tuesday 31 MayCompany Blu will inaugurate the season with a contemporary dance performance entitled 4 Steps 4 Angel by Charlotte Zerbey, a choreography inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnets dedicated to the androgynous beauty of the Fair Youth
Tuesday 7 June: the musician and actor Gabriele Bajo, like “Pied Piper of Hamelin”, will take visitors through an intriguing itinerant performance consisting of music and literary texts based on the Gallery’s artworks and ambiances by writers and poets from the 16th to the 20th century.

Tuesday 14 June: a double show. The elegant jazz notes of Musicheria Ensemble of Carlo Bonamico with a reading by the actress Milena Mammato evoking the Florentine atmospheres between the end 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries through the eyes of foreign travelers. Contemporarily, Versiliadanza Ensemble directed by Angela Torriani Evangelisti will present Looking for Visions, an itinerant performance of contemporary dance across the rooms of the Gallery.

Tuesday 21 June: the refined proposal by Zefiro e la Musica Ensemble of Beatrice Cristini: an appealing combination of 16th-17th century live music, Renaissance dances and readings from coeval writers.   

Tuesday 28 June: another double show. The actress Stefania Stefanin, accompanied by the musical notes of Emma Nicoletti’s violin, will re-evoke and actualize the Ovidian myth of the massacre of the Niobids. In another sector of the Gallery, Chiara Macinai and Robert Pettena will execute an itinerant mimical performance based on the essays by Roland Barthes (Camera Lucida) and George Kubler (The Shape of Time): a personal study on the concept of the artist’s legacy.


July 2016

Tuesday 5 July: this month opens with a fascinating concert of Medieval music and singing. Composed of five musicians and two singers under the direction of Maestro Federico Bardazzi, the San Felice Ensemble will play a refined selection between sacred and profane of laude and contrafacta written by Francesco Landini, Florentine composer and musician the 14th century.

Tuesday 12 July: a double show for our visitors: a classical music concert and a theatrical performance inspired by “the mimic method”. In the Niobe Room, the young Stefania Scapin plays a music program for harp solo directed by Maestro Michele Sarti: “Between Bach and Modern Time: a musical journey through harp sounds”, a refined selection of highly emotional and intense music. Meanwhile, across the rooms of the Gallery, the actors of the Down Theatre Company let the artworks “talk” and “move” through the mime inspired by the method acting of the great Master of Drama, Orazio Costa.

Tuesday 19 July: Antica Liuteria Sangineto presents “Painted Sounds – Musical Instruments in Painting”, a project midway between music and art history where the artists-artisans of Sangineto family show the faithful reconstructions of ancient string instruments that they have handcrafted by copying the original ones featured in the paintings of the Gallery. The instruments will thus “revive” and play again, each one next to its depicted replica: music to hear and “admire”, a musical experience made of old and everlasting sounds. 

Tuesday 26 July: the month of July ends with an original and unusual show: a performance of illusionism and magic expressly conceived for the artworks of the Uffizi Gallery. Disguised as an odd night attendant of the museum, Bustric, the Magician, will talk about the artworks while accompanying visitors in a colourful and poetical itinerant tour through the rooms of the Gallery. A funny and self-ironic portrait by the “illusionist” who paradoxically tries to disclose the magic of “illusion” in painting, through that delicate and sophisticated “poetics of tiny things” which has being made Magician Bustric one of the most appreciated and praised illusionists all over Europe.

August 2016

Tuesday 2 August: successful virtuoso female string ensemble, The Quartetto Euphoria will execute hilarious performances of comical-musical theatre focused on some subjects of excellent artworks along the corridors of the Gallery. Hence, Hercules fighting the Centaur Nessus will be interpreted in a fatal tango, while the Spring by Vivaldi will bloom together with the beautiful allegorical personification by Botticelli.

Tuesday 9 August: double show of itinerant musical theatre and mime performance of “full masks”. In Giotto Room and adjacent rooms, on stage "The Passion", a project curated by the composer Davide Fensi in collaboration with the Lombardi Tiezzi Company and based on a text by Pascal Abatiello. It is a re-enactment of the convicts' procession, a humiliating punishment that people sentenced to death had to undergo along the city streets before the execution in Florence during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In the guise of a young painting apprentice guilty of homicide in the mid-15th century, the “condemned” walks along the Gallery accompanied by evocative music and playing texts full of references to artists like Giotto, Beato Angelico, Pisanello, Andrea del Castagno and Nardo di Cione. Meanwhile, in the Niobe Room, The Dummies Project Company directed by Federico Bertozzi will play the story of Farinata degli Uberti drawn from the Divine Comedy by Dante in a mime and dance-theatre form complying with a moving “poetics of silence” – thanks to “full masks”, beautiful full-length masks handmade in an ultramodern style.

Tuesday 16 August: a musical and artistic journey conceived and curated by Giovanna Maria Carli as a tribute to the young Mozart, namely Journey to Italy in the 18th-century sonata between feelings and inventions, executed by the violinist Giacomo Granchi and the harpsichordist Giacomo Benedetti. On display three music stands for “artist books with changing shapes” which look like illustrated “scores”, realized by the artist Andrea Granchi.

Tuesday 23 August: another double show at Uffizi_live. La Macchina del tuono Company directed by  Roberto Andrioli will amuse visitors with a sensational play of commedia dell’arte which takes inspiration from the renowned musical and theatrical repertoireof the 16thand 17thcenturies to improvise lines  uttered by the most famous masks,such as Harlequin. Moreover, in three different spaces of the Gallery, Agnese Lanza and Julie Havelund will present “Inter Pares Project”, an international experimental performance of contemporary dance focused on characters and poses inspired by the surrounding artworks.

Tuesday 30 August: the month ends with another double show, in a light-hearted atmosphere rich of “poetical amusements” to entertain both adults and children. After the great success achieved in July, Bustric the Magician will come back disguised as an odd “night attendant” of the museum. He will accompany visitors in a funny itinerant performance of magic and illusion connected to artworks on display. At the same time, on the terrace of the cafeteria, Bacenetti-Gherardi-Piccioli, trio of young musicians/jugglers will put on stage “Ball Percussion”, an impressive artistic project combining body percussion, choreographic movements and juggling.

September 2016

Tuesday 6 September: Once again the Uffizi Gallery will show its international and intercultural vocation thanks to an itinerant theatrical project expressly conceived for the museum and its artworks. Under the direction of Riccardo Massai, the Archètipo Cultural Association will perform a series of excerpts from some biographies of the most eminent artists of the Florentine Renaissance told by Vasari in his Lives. Nine actors from different cultures of all the world will play in two languages (in most cases, their own language and Italian), thus emphasizing the meaning of art in an unusual way, namely by turning it into a common language within a multicultural and inclusive perspective.

Tuesday 13 September: Founded in the superb Abbey of Sant’Antimo in Montalcino, for several years the Cantus Anthimi choir has been exploring the field of sacred choral music enjoyed as meditation and listening, an opportunity for human and spiritual development. The Medieval paintings and altarpieces representing the “Madonna Enthroned” housed in the Uffizi will masterly blend with the high spirituality of the Gregorian and Medieval monody, as well as with the earliest forms of Renaissance polyphony. With a choral performance entitled Theotokos – Between Sky and Land in Contemplation of Mystery, the ensemble will retrace the crucial steps in the Virgin’s life according to the traditional Marian devotion and convey a deeper perceptive insight with the support of a compelling symbolism arising from textual images and sound fascination.

Tuesday 20 September: Double show of Renaissance and Baroque music. At the beginning of the museum tour on the second floor, Musica Harmonica, captivating a cappella choir, will sing a secular mélange of polyphonic pieces from the Romance-speaking area in the 16th century. At the same time, in the Niobe Room, a refined concert for traverso, harpsichord and narration by Paola Borghi and Marco Maria Melardi. Among the paintings executed by Rubens, the sculptural group of the Niobids, the decorations and stuccoes, they will evoke some aspects of the enthralling cultural relationships between Florence under the Medici Grand Dukes and the Sun King of France, noble lineages, events related to art collectors, “musical” exchanges, mythological and iconographic suggestions shared by Florence and Versailles.

Tuesday 27 September: The Uffizi_live Summer Festival 2016 will end with a concert of Baroque music by Modo Antiquo, a renowned ensemble that will execute several pieces drawn from a rich repertoire divided in three parts and ranging from the end of the 15th century to the first half of the 17th century.